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Baltic Creative Bar is created with intention to introduce Baltic creative minds to the world. While living and working in Denmark I have realized how little Scandinavians know about Baltic design. The goal is to create a resource and network platform for creatives, motivate them and inspire others. Baltic Creative Bar Instagram profile is dedicated to promote talents.

Do you want to show your project on @balticcreativebar, just tag it and I will be happy to share your project to the world. Free of charge.

All promoted projects are selected by pure personal choice.

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Behind BCB

Hi, my name Ieva Glasius-Nyborg and I’m founder of Baltic Creative Bar.

I’m an Art Director with a solid work experience within visual communication. My main focus areas are corporate branding, concept development and digital media. Please visit my Portfolio page to see some of my latest projects.

For advertising, submission, collaboration or just virtual meeting please email to hello@balticcreativebar.com